Course Details

About the Course

Founding and Early Years

GCC was founded on April 26, 1955, and incorporated on February 6, 1956. Initial Funding: The club started with 200 shares valued at $100 each. First Membership Dues: Dues were set at $30 for the 1958 golf season. Clubhouse and Course Development

Clubhouse Construction:

  • It began in July 1959 and was completed by October, with 90% of the work done by club members.
  • Lagoon and Watering System: Added a lagoon in 1961 and installed a fairway watering system in 1976.

Renovations and Expansion

  • The clubhouse was remodeled in 1984.
  • The course expanded to 18 holes by July 1993 and underwent a significant redesign in 1996.
Board of Directors

Bob Becker – President

Dave Meyer – Vice President

Jim Sarcletti – Secretary

Jay Johnson – Treasurer

John Brinkman, Mo Mahon, Rick Selvey

Charter Members

Arnold W. Beneke, H.W. Bruns, O.L. Danek, Lee Draeger, J.F. Falkenhagen, Alva F. Fitch, Edward J. Gavin, George C. Gould, W.J. Harpel, Donald J. Inglis, Edward F. Jensen, Carl Mackdanz, Harry Marshall, E.J. Mikulecky, Glenn M. Otteson, Otto Shamla, Hubert G. Smith, Duane G. Thiele, Henry A. Thoeny, Edward G. Stoeckman, Clark W. Truesdale.